March Hare

A rabbit on the edge.


The March Hare is a brown hare, with a mop of unruly fur on top of his head but surprisingly neatly dressed. He has wild, yellow eyes and stands rather taller than his rabbit cousins, his ears long and broad. He tends to be expressive and labile, full of a nervous energy.


When the Hatter fled, abandoning their neverending tea party, the Hare was freed of his obligation to Time, and was left to his own devices. He has been seen in various places on both sides of Wonderland, though his business there is always vague, and no one really knows what he’s doing, only that he occasionally has the ear of important personages, though it’s anyone’s guess why.

Oftentimes he can still be found at his home, the condition of which is much improved since the tea party ended, and proper maintenance is possible. He’s redecorated and even expanded, the Hatter’s disappearance apparently having had some benefit to him after all.