Red Queen

Queen of the Red Chessmen


A tall, slender woman with short-cropped red hair, and an eyepatch. She coordinates her eyepatch to her outfits, and has quite a collection in many colors and designs, with jewels, embroidery, and other decorations. Just don’t mention it.

As a chess piece, she can shift back and forth from a human sort of shape to a chess piece sort of shape, though she seems to prefer the human form, and has an extensive wardrobe of various red dresses, and an array of red crowns.


After a good deal of conflict, the Red and White Queens came to an accord, the sisters reaching an alliance of sorts, with the Red Queen effectively having a bit more power due to her dominant personality, becoming the de facto ruler of the Looking Glass Lands. Still, relations are a bit friendlier than they might appear from the outside, where red and white chess pieces still skirmish from time to time.

The Red Queen is the ruler of the City of Faith, a veritable fortress where she has mostly secluded herself for some time. Her husband, the Red King has been gone for some time, with no trace of his whereabouts, and with the disappearance of the White King, she has long suspected some form of plot.

The Red Queen is sharp-tongued and can be irritable, however she has nothing close to the reputation of the Queen of Hearts. If anything she’s seen as a reasonably benevolent ruler, if a rather sarcastic one.