Cheshire Cat

A cat who smiles with all its teeth.


The Cheshire Cat is a feline with a broad, toothy grin.

This is, however, the only thing that most descriptions agree on. Curiously, accounts of the cat’s exact physical features and even gender have been known to vary from person to person, and even those who have encountered it multiple times may describe it differently.


The Cheshire Cat is widely believed to be the maddest and most unpredictable creature in Wonderland. And that’s saying quite a thing.

The Cat tends to find lost travelers and those who are alone or do not belong, those who are troubled, those who are trouble, and those who think themselves so very sane.

Its actions after that point are anyone’s guess.

The Cat has been known to be helpful, playful, teasing, vicious, or outright dangerous depending on factors that are never quite in evidence. It’s rumored that the Cat knows so much that it cannot help being mad, and generally even those with the direct authority of the Queen of Hearts would prefer to avoid it rather than enter into a confrontation, as incidents have occasionally been quite unpleasant.

It has a knack, however, of getting into places it isn’t wanted.

It’s a cat, after all.