White Queen

Queen of the White Chessmen


The White Queen is a slim, rather nervous woman, with straight dark hair and wide eyes. She has a high, soft voice, and is more timid than her sister, the Red Queen, but is no less fashionable, arraying herself in a variety of white gowns and tiaras.


The White Queen is the less forceful of the two siblings, and tends to defer to her sister when it comes to matters of rule, though she does tend to soothe the other queen’s more irritable and flippant personality.

The two were embroiled in a conflict when things started getting bad in the Monarchy of Hearts, and it was the White Queen who initiated an end to the true fighting, and suggested keeping up the appearance of a divided kingdom in order to keep the Queen of Hearts from seeing them as a united threat.

Since the disappearance of both their husbands, she and her sister tend to be found visiting one another, under guise of diplomatic talks.